The Blogger

Bonjour humans! My name is CARMELA but you can call me MELA for short. I'm a college student taking up Business Administration course major in Marketing. I'm a resident in the Philippines.

I love taking photos and I'm actually a frustrated photographer. I'm a Nikonist and I own a Nikon D5000, which is what I mostly use in taking photos. I'm obsessed with TV shows. I'd rather watch TV series than movies. Some of the shows I like are Jane the Virgin, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Game of Thrones, 2 Broke Girls, and Family Guy. I used to be a bibliophile but now I spend most of my time surfing the internet, specifically on Pinterest. 

I love writing, I used to make stories. I have an wattpad account but it's inactive. I love writing because it takes me to different locations and I love how my imagination works.

I'm an all around blogger, except fashion blogger because I have no sense of style. I've been blogging since the start of Tumblr. I forgot the year, though, but Tumblr was my first blog. It's still active but I mostly post the whole thing here in my blogger. 

I guess that's about it! If you want to get to know me more you can always talk to me at my other social media accounts. I may be shy at first but I'm fun, I promise. Haha!

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