February 8, 2017

Spending my Saturday with my Siblings at the Pet Lover's Cafe

February 4, 2017
My Saturdays usually consist of researching, blogging and going out with friends. But last Saturday I decided to spend quality time with my siblings because I think it's been months since I last bonded with them.
Kinda weird that we all live under the same roof but we barely have time for each other, or I barely have time for them (instead). I even find it hard to make time or walk my furbaby every morning. So, last Saturday I cleared everything up in my planner, although I wasn't supposed to do that because I have a research paper to start with.
The four of us have one thing in common, we are all fond of pets that is why I brought them to Pet Lover's Cafe. 

The cafe's dogs with their names

Pet Lover's Cafe Chicken Sandwich
Pet Lover's Cafe Nachos
Pet Lover's Cafe Fried Oreo
Cheese Fries
This is the only decent photo I have with my sisters, my brother's not even included but he's with us that time. Babysitting my siblings, especially these two little ones was so hard, but tolerable haha.


  1. It is always an awesome experience to spend time around pets. I bet you all had a wonderful time. These pet cafes seem to be mushrooming everywhere these days. I sure hope I can find one nearby soon. It would be awesome to spend an afternoon with my boys and with lovely pets! My little man will definitely enjoy the experience!

  2. Everything is so cute! I guess pet cafes are trending nowadays because animals (especially the cute ones) are best in relieving stress. Glad you had time with your siblings. May I ask where this Pet Cafe is located?

  3. Great pictures! I am happy for you guys to be able to spend time together. May I know where is this located? I visited a similar cafe in Paranaque, NCR.

  4. Spending time with family around with these gorgeous pets and with food is priceless, the pets we're so cute, yuppie to mention, hahaha

  5. im not a fan of pet dogs. I mean i live dogs and i always appreciate cute dogs like that but i stay away because im allergic. If only i can pet one at home without having to deal with itchyness and sneezing i would definitely have lots! This cafe seems to be very animal friendly. I love those fries in a bucket! Cute!

  6. Nice place! I am an animal lover too and would love to be around pets. I am happy to see that there are lots of cafes now highlighting pets. It will be some place that I wanted to spent my weekend.

  7. Any place with pet is a perfect go to place for me. We have a korean pet cafe here in cebu too, quite pricey but loving to always pet the dogs whenever i have the chance to visit. The food photos looks so delish. Food and pets in one location, what could you ask for, righ? :)

  8. Gosh this cafe is a whole new level of cuteness! Lovely interior, plus pets!!! We have one here in Cebu, but I haven't visited it yet. After reading this post, I'm itching to visit it right away. :D

  9. Awesome way to bond with your siblings! Plus, the dogs are quite therapeutic. Perfect for a Saturdate to unwind and chill. Hope to try this too with my bros :)

  10. Ahhh they are so cute!!! I have never tried visiting a place with pets before (cat or dog cafes) but would definitely like to try one someday. :)

    Awesome photos, too!
    xx jhanzey.net

  11. That is awesome for you. Spending time with your siblings in this fast-paced world requires effort and time. Keeping them close to you makes you a wonderful ate to them. God bless you!

    As for the pet cafe, I would want to bring my kids there if its near our place. So sad its far from us.

  12. I like this cafe, thanks for making some photos! these dogs are adorable!

  13. i would like to go to such acafe with agreat pleasure and my dog would do the same.

  14. Nice place! I love to spend my time around the pets. I am happy to see that there are lots of pets are staying in the café but here are some missing pets too. If you don’t want the same thing happen with your pet, then use pet id tags.