February 3, 2017

Korean Food Trip @ Sing Sing Meatshop

January 28, 2017
Amidst the celebration of the Chinese New Year, Fireworks and Nian Gao (tikoys), who would've thought that dining in a Korean restaurant (instead of Chinese) is an option? Haha!
It's been months since the gang bonded, we're actually incomplete and the get-together was almost canceled (because someone in my side tried to ruin it) but we still pushed through with the trip. 
They suggested Sing Sing Meatshop & Restaurant, and since I haven't been there and my friends had me at "Unlimited beef and pork", of course, that's something I find hard to resist. 
We got there at lunch time. We waited for almost an hour for our table because the place is jampacked! I think we were 4th in line in the reservation? Upon entering the establishment, that's when I realized they included the word "meat shop" because they also sell sliced meat if you want to take-out and experience Korean dining in your home.
For the place, I was expecting for a bigger space since my friends told me it was a buffet and I thought the Sambo Kojin-kind-of-buffet but good news, you're not required to stand up because the waiters themselves will serve you the dishes! Isn't that great?

Beware, the pictures below will make you crave for Samgyupsal. Scroll at your own risk. ;)

What is Samgyupsal?
"This dish is usually served with a side of lettuce, spinach, or other leafy vegetables, which is used to wrap a slice of cooked samgyupsal. A dab of ssamjang (usually made of gochujang or dwenjang), kimchi, or other side dishes are also added and then eaten as a whole."
- www.trifood.com

Imagine three ladies finishing four plates of beef and pork, seems impossible but nope! We readied ourselves for that day, and by ready I mean we didn't eat breakfast!!

For PHP 380 per head, we were able to indulge unlimited pork and beef with several Korean side dishes like kimchi, egg rolls, fresh lettuce leaves, soups, and buchu jeon (Korean pancakes made with onion chives, the one that looks like an omelet). The side dishes can only be refilled twice, though. Sad. Anyway, if you plan to dine here, I suggest you don't order any beverages, just stick with the water and avoid ordering rice!

I apologize for not providing enough information about the establishment. I wasn't able to take a photo of the menu too because I let my friends in charge of what we're going to have. Just enjoy the photos I took, a picture is worth a thousand words anyway... Haha.
 Meet Therese & Nicole, two of my most favorite people in this world!
And that's me. Ew. Hahaha!
To complete the Korean dining experience, they give you an option to sit on the floor but don't worry, they also have long tables and chairs. Just give the waiters a heads-up where you want to be seated.

Sing Sing Meatshop is now one of my favorites to eat at when I'm craving for a Korean taste! The restaurant has a Korean Mart beside it so after two to three hours of enjoying samgyupsal, each of us bought two ice creams to satisfy our sweet cravings.

 The second batch of ice creams were not taken... Hehe

Overall review, for the food I will definitely come back! I have no problems with the place or location of the establishment as well, but what I didn't like is their service. We stayed for almost three hours, every time we ask for a refill the waiters kept a straight face. I know three hours is a long time to stay especially if the restaurant can't occupy a lot of customers, but they are offering a buffet. Long staying customers who want to get their money's worth should be expected.
As for the side dishes that can only be refilled twice, I don't like how the waiter questioned us if we haven't received the second refill of the egg rolls, which we really didn't. We waited for an hour just for a five pieces egg rolls. Another turn off is that when you've stayed for too long the waiters start to avoid you when you're calling them or raising your hand. I think that's their strategy to make you want to leave immediately. Last and the most disappointing of all, their wifi doesn't work! Hehe...

Poor service can easily be ignored if you have a fun company. I'd still recommend this restaurant because not only they serve fresh meats, they earn a plus point for maintaining their place clean. Aside from their poor customer accommodation, I still can't wait to go back here and stay for another three hours to annoy the waiters. Or maybe the second time I'll make it four to five hours max? Haha! Again, it's just a joke...

If you want to try here, they are located at 268-A Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, ParaƱaque City or you can call their hotline 02 7380673

Sing Sing Meatshop and Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Looks like a meat lovers paradise! There's so many options!!! Being a veggie, it may not make sense for me to visit the place though I guess!!!

  2. That seems to be a real fun bonding with friends. Youve got a lot on your table but I guess nothing beats the laughter and fun as your partake the food. I agree, often, we tend to forget the bad service because we get to enjoy the company of our friends.

  3. Oh wow endless meat! My boyfriend would love it! For me though I'm a vegetarian so probably wouldn't suit :) glad you enjoyed the food though. Shame about the service. Ree love30

  4. What an experience! Now, I like to eat there too and try all their Korean dishes! The food looks delish! Forget about the bad service, hopefully the management gets to read your post and re-orient their staff about good customer service. :)

  5. Im drooling with all the meat on the table and it looks very delicious. Seems you enjoyed this eating session huh

  6. What an amazing meat feast! I am so impressed that you ladies managed to finish it. Too bad about the waiters trying to get you to leave, but it is worth it to have such tasty food, I am sure. I can't wait to try Samgyupsal myself some day!

  7. I really thought that you went to Korea for a food trip. Anyway, it's my first time hearing about Sing Sing Meatshop. I like that it's buffet and it's similar to K-Pub BBQ. What I don't like is that their side dishes can only be refilled twice. It seems that they did a great job with the egg rolls. However, if it will take forever to receive that, it will discourage us from dropping by.

  8. Good place to dine, hahaha if I'm in your situation, I would do thesame, indeed customer service will be out of the way if you have a good companion and especially the food laid in front of you are delicious. You made me hungry,hahaha

  9. Why does it have to be in BF? :( I just hope that they would open a branch somewhere Makati or Manila. I remembered when my sister from another treated me to a Korean dinner like this. We were like Koreans for hours. So many are going crazy about Kdramas and posting about dining at Korean restos. :)

  10. If this place was close to me, I'd definitely try this out. The pictures look great. Lots of meat. I love that as well. I do think it's a pity that the service wasn't that good. I like it when the service is quick and friendly. But I agree, if there are more pros, it matters a bit less!

  11. I thought that's a catchy name for a restaurant or does it actually mean something in Korean. This is something interesting and, yes, who wouldn't think twice about unlimited beef and pork. I wish they'd improve their service, though. Good food or not, it is paramount for restaurants to have attentive, polite, and cheerful staff.

  12. Fish-shaped pancake icecreams are my favourite! Thanks for sharing this recommendation, the food looks good. And it was smart of you to avoid Chinese food during CNY. Definitely less crowded!

  13. I like this fishy ice-cream, it's so unusual! thanks for sharing all these dishes of Korean cuisine!

  14. I would like to tell you that KOREA is a great country witha great diversity of food.