January 23, 2017

Going to Hell And Back

When after an exhausting day, either from school or work, the only thing that'll come to our mind is what food/s we will have to replete the hungry dinosaurs inside our stomach. And of course, comfort foods like burger and fries are impossible to not be on that list!

I only find out that a burger joint like Hell And Back exists in our area was when my boyfriend kept on begging me (a lot of times) to take out an order for him, never really knew what he was talking about so I failed (a lot of times too!) to bring him what he wanted. What convinced us to finally visit this place is his friend's recommendation to try it out
Hell And Back have been flaming grilled burgers since 2015. The place is not really that hard to find, especially it's just located along the main highway of Pacita Avenue.
 Apocalypse on the grill!

It was hard to choose what dish we are going to order. All of them looks enticing & delicious (complete list of their burgers is posted below!). I got the Seek & Destroy while Jeff ordered the Blitzkrieg.
Funny how everytime I get to see or type 'Blitzkrieg' I remember the 'Blitz' episode in How I Met Your Mother. Hehe..
 Seek & Destroy
PHP 180 - With Fries & Drink
PHP 145 - Ala Carte

PHP 260 - With Fries & Drinks
PHP 225 - Ala Carte
Look at how the burgers are oozing with sauce, and even just from the pictures they look so meaty & juicy! Can I just say how generous they are with the cheese? They even didn't spare the bacon! Ugh *faints* The burned part at the top of the Blitzkrieg is cheese, too, by the way just in case you're still not convinced to try it out.
They look meager in the pictures but when you see it personally, I bet you would swoon!
I actually was not able to finish my order because I was busy finishing off Jeff's Blitzkrieg. Hahaha!

We only got burgers since their fries were currently out of stock that time. I kind of feel disappointed since fries is a perfect partner for a burger. But overall experience, am I still downhearted? HELL. NO.
 Hell And Back's complete menu of their burgers.
If you ask me if I want to go back, I think that's not the question here. The real question is what dish I should order next because I will definitely go back! Haha!
The price of their dishes may be a bit pricey even if we say they are just burgers, but once you tasted it I assure you the money you spent is all worth it. Too overstated? Well, why don't you try it and see for yourself?

FBHell And Back Flame Grilled Burgers
LOCATIONPacita Leaf Bar Blk 14 Lot 27 Near 6th street, Pacita Avenue, City of San Pedro, Laguna


  1. Too bad the place is so far from ours. The food looks really enticing. And not meager looking at all. The burgers are gigantic and oozing with sauce. I like it as well that they can be that generous with the cheese and bacon.

  2. I'll be down if there are no fries to go along my hellish burger. Fries complete my burger meals. Anyway, I do think they charge just right since they're serving is big and I assume their burgers are of quality. Will try to pass by here if I find myself in Laguna :)

    - Me-An

  3. For a burger joint, hell and back is giving you a run for your money. I am seeing big servings so I think the price is reasonable enough. I hope there will be a lot more decent and affordable burger joints here in Cebu too.

  4. this reminds me of my favorite man vs food episodes... wow! those burgers are real tempting! I'm not sure if I could eat more than a piece but I want to try them all :D

  5. I actually love the concept of the restaurant! It makes me think of big, bad meat and fiery grills. Turns out to be true. I'd love to try this as I'm a very savory, spicy, barbecue-y eater. "Tempting". :p

  6. Catchy name. When I saw the title, I thought this was about anxiety or depression, it turns out it is about burgers. Despite that fact that I realize how unhealthy burgers could be, I still crave for them from time to time. Hindi ko ito tatangihan. I agree, photos pa lang, they look really enticing. One thing, is the bread on the sweet side?

  7. What a unique name for a place! This looks like a very chill spot that you can go to when you want to pig out and just enjoy some meaty yumminess!


  8. I just love the name! Hell and back is so original. If it was close to me, I would Definitely go. No doubt. My boyfriend truly loves burgers. And I love the amount of cheese in seeing. Looks like great place!

  9. That's a funny name for a restaurant! But I would go to Hell and back for a good burger. I also like How I Met Your Mother. But too bad you could not get the fries!

  10. It looks to me like one of those places you try for the novelty of it. I'm not a fan of those kind of burgers coz I tend to wanna enjoy my burgers on their own and with not too many stuff around it. Glad you guys tried it out already.

  11. Food looks amazingly delicious! Looks like a place you would find on Man vs. Food! I love that show, I love that their portion size is bigger. That is a plus when feeding a pre-teen. Generous with the cheese is a plus too! Who doesn't love cheese? Lol, thanks for the honest review! Would love to eat there one day!