October 6, 2016

Unlimited Pastries @ The Pastry Chef

Ahh, desserts - what good way to end your every meal. Being a huge fan of desserts, imagine my happiness when I discovered this restaurant that serves unlimited dessert for only 199 PHP per head.

 In Bulacan alone, there are already two branches - one in Pulilan and the other one is in Malolos. The Pastry Chef branch we visited was in Pulilan.

For 200 PHP per head, you get to have unlimited Pastries, Pasta, Mashed Potatoes, Nachos, and a variety of drinks.
Cookies & Cream Cake
Halo-Halo Station
Halo-Halo Station

Keep in mind that they charge you if you have leftovers. Better clean those plates up!


  1. OMG!!! Will definitely visit this place soon. I mean, for only 199?? Yes please! Haha. Never knew there's a place like this in Bulacan. I probably should go out more. Lol

  2. I heard about this place from my colleague. He said that the sweets are delish! I know where to go after dropping Ningnangan. I hope the two are located near each other hehe.

  3. Oh so yum!! I used to be a super-die-hard fan for desserts. Usually whenever we chose for buffets I would end up eating less of the main-course and more of the desserts. I would certainly go crazy at a place like this...