June 10, 2016

Bloggers United 11 x Passion Fly

May 28, 2016 | Green Sun, Makati - I attended the #BUx11PassionFly event with my boyfriend. I don't have any intentions going here because the location was far, but I still went because I don't want to waste the opportunity of meeting some of my favorite bloggers and influencers - and my passes were free! I got it from Ida Anduyan, all I did was answer a question she tweeted. To be honest, I answered it without expecting to win passes. I only answered her question for fun! So, imagine my surprise when I checked my twitter and found out I was one of the winners! Haha.

Truth to be told, I really didn't expect that #Bu11xPassionfly would be a bazaar! I thought it's like a workshop or just a meet and greet with the known influencers, bloggers, and the local celebrities. Good thing I brought some extra cash with me because bazaars are actually my thing. 

Cha Ocampo's booth.
 Zedrik Europe's booth.
Mike Miguel's booth.
 Ana Gonzales' booth. 
I don't know whose booth this was I just took a photo of it hehe.
The Robin Casey booth was not from the Bloggers United bazaar, there was a bazaar going on too beside the Bloggers United. I took a photo of their booth because I bought from them and I am actually thinking if I should include this in my giveaway. And if I hosted a giveaway, will there be people joining it? Hehe :((

I registered at the Flawless booth and played a game. I played the "Stacks" game where I would pile the plastic cups in a pyramid position and then stack them back again in only three minutes. It was hard, though, and I almost lost! Haha! My prize is a voucher for a free facial. The other discount vouchers I got were from the bloggers because when you bought an item from them they'll give you a coupon.

Half of the influencers and bloggers I follow were there, but I didn't get a chance to take pictures with all of them simply because I was too shy huhu and because there were a lot of people asking a picture with them, too. Anyway, here are the only influencers I follow that I have a picture with..
 With Cha Ocampo.
With Ida Anduyan.
With Mikyle Quizon, Lissa Kahayon, and Miko Carreon.
With Trice Nagusara and Seph Cham.
 With Deegee Razon.
AJ Dee. I wasn't able to take a selfie with him, though. 

Here's a flat lay of the items I bought...
Lace cardigan from Cha Ocampo, Avon lipstick from Ana Gonzales, Pouches from Robin Casey. The iPad Mini is mine, obvs. Haha! I forgot the name of the bloggers of some items. Hehe.

Despite the event's theme of wearing pastel colored outfits or attire, I wore a black romper and the items I bought are black Haha!

I'm actually looking forward to the next Bloggers United Bazaar. How about you? Did you also attend this event? :)


  1. I also wanted to go to Bloggers United events since they started but I am sooo shy. I have no idea how to approach them. Haha! Since it was your first time, how did you manage? :)

    Also, I will definitely join your giveaway if you host one. Hehe.

  2. Haha thank you! �� Do you mean how did I "manage" to approach the influencers and have selfies with them? Hehe. Like you I was also shy and still am by the way, but if I let my shyness get in the way then I won't be able to have a quick chance to at least meet them personally. :)

    Anyway, next time you should go na! It's fun, I assure you and I might be able to meet you personally din? :D

  3. Sayang you weren't able to take photos with everyone! Pero ang dami na din ha! I've been wondering about this event din kaya buti nalang you posted about it!

  4. To have a good time togethr it's wanderful thing to do especially if you really want to get th ethungs you like.

  5. I see how much you love blogging! You even cannot imagine your love without creating and adding new posts! All I need to admit is that you are an excellent blogger !

  6. It's just a great event that showed that blogs are very important to you.