May 11, 2016

Day 9: Four Things You Wish You Could Say, But Might Never.

"Ma, I need you."

  • For my Mom, I may see you every day and communicate with you always but I never really got a chance to tell you  that I need you, not just a provider but as a Mom who's there to guide me along the way. A friend who won't get tired listening to my happy and depressing moments. A mom who's there to help me through my toughest times. 

"Please, stop thinking that I'll follow the steps of your children."

  • For my Grandmother, I won't be like your children. I need you to give me all your trust, just because all your children failed you doesn't mean I will, too. I'm different from them, and please stop comparing me from them because they learned household chores at a young age while I'm already an adult and still not knowledgeable about some necessary things in order to live. I will make you proud Mamay, I'll make sure to bring your business to success again. I just need you to trust me.
"I'm still hurting."

  • For my boyfriend, it may seem like I already forgave you but please don't be relieved because I haven't forgotten what you did. Don't ever be satisfied by seeing me happy, just because I'm smiling doesn't mean I'm finally alright - I am not, my love. 
"I wish I belong to a different family."
  • This will make me look bad, I know. This family of mine has a lot of issues, a lot of unresolved issues. We may be blessed with money but we lack the ability to communicate. How I wish I can have both money and my family, but life doesn't go that way. Life is always unfair, you can't have the best of both worlds. I belong from a broken family and having my own complete and perfect family is one of my dreams.

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