May 11, 2016

Day 8: Ten Things You Like About Your Significant Other.

Jeff and I have been together for five years now. We started dating at a very young age, I was 14 and he was 16 then. Along the way of our relationship and as we grow older, we had ups and downs because those were the times we were just realizing what we want to do in our life. We disagree on some things but we make sure we compromise always. One of the things I like about our relationship is that we don't go to sleep until we resolve our arguments, so you can guess we had and (will still have) those long nights, but sometimes when we're tired from wrangling about on and on over an issue we just go to sleep and hope that the next day it'll be just another normal day... Haha.

So, here are the top ten things I like about my boyfriend...
  1. He is diligent. This is the first thing I love about him and the reason why I fell in love with him. He has this ambitious in him that'll make you believe he can achieve anything he does. 
  2. He is initiative. I don't have to tell him twice what he needs to do...well, sometimes. He may be initiative but waking him up is difficult. >:(
  3. He is reliable when it comes to business and money.
  4. He is a fast-learner
  5. He makes me laugh the same way he makes me feel infuriating. Haha!
  6. He is generous.
  7. Thoughtful. *insert heart here*
  8. He can be annoying when it comes to me buying stuff because he opposes every time. Even if I'm already holding an item and in line to pay for it, he'll still stop me and make me rethink if I really need the item or not. It can be irritating sometimes but mostly I think it's alright, especially I get to realize what I really need or not.
  9. He goes with me everywhere. He makes sure he's there to accompany me everywhere I go, it's sweet and all but of course sometimes we need space from each other in order for us to miss one another. Because being together all the time gets really boring. Some say it's a blessing because I get to see him and be with him every single day, but honestly speaking it's not...
  10. He's a guy but he's more ticklish than I am, and one of my routine every night is to tackle him before we sleep. Haha!

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