May 10, 2016

Day 6 & Day 7

I'm five days late for my 30-day blog challenge, and this day I didn't go to work just so I can make it up with my blog. This calls for speed typing, impromptu contents, and consecutive posts. I apologize in advance for flooding your timeline. Hehe. Since I'm already late, I decided to put two days in one post. I was thinking to combine all those late challenges in one entry but some entries deserve a separate post.

DAY 6: 

i. Be open to my Mom. I have trouble having a one on one conversation with my Mom, although, I live with her and I see her every day. Every time I try to talk to her, I always feel anxious and judged even before I open my mouth. That's why she doesn't know a single problem I'm going through.
ii. Promote my blog to a wider audience. I'm a Marketing student and we are being taught how to present and promote ourselves in front of clients but it's different when it comes to my blog. I get nervous just by thinking of showing my blog to more people.
iii. Stop observing people from head to toe. Haha! I'm not being judgy when I do this and definitely not being overcritical to someone's fashion sense. Or am I? Hmm..
iv. Try new things & stick with my plans. I'd definitely love to try new things and make sure whatever my plans are will happen. However, the only thing that hinders me from doing them is my life, my situation, and did I mention my life?
v. Last but no the least, believing in myself. 

Day 7:

i. Telling me to do something when I'm already occupied. Seriously, who gives you chores while you are eating, or in my case, blogging? I hate those times when a person sees you enjoying your food or are busy with your hobby then all of a sudden they're going to ask you to do something for them. I mean, it's unavoidable yes but couldn't this people just do it themselves? I get irritated when someone's bothering me while it's obvious that I'm busy doing something.
ii. People who laugh at someone's mistake, specifically the incorrect use of grammar. Would it hurt you to correct it instead of laughing at it?
iii. LOUD PLACES. I hate hate hate hate night clubs. Do I need to emphasize it more? I don't know why some people prefer noisy and vibrating locations than just staying at home and watch television. 
iv. I get irritated with people who always change their minds. Aren't they annoying?
v. Hypocrite people who are unstoppable of pointing out other people's mistake without seeing their own dirt.

(Photo from Unsplash)

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    1. Haha omg! I could totally relate to those things that you have trouble doing, too. Especially 1 2 and 3! I remember, I was once mistaken na ang sama ko daw tumingin because I looked at her from head to toe but I was just honestly checking out her outift! :( hahahaha

      1. Di ba? we're just being gay over them (or their outfit! Haha lol!)