May 5, 2016

Day 5: Three Things You are Proud of About your Personality.

I'm not sure if "proud" is the right word for me to use as an adjective for personalities I will share, maybe I'm just glad I have them and these three gives me advantages in my life. Well, somehow they do...sometimes? Haha. I have a lot of personalities but I'm just going to share the three most common personalities that will make you automatically think of my name  (if you personally know me, though) once you encounter a person with a similar personality like mine.

i. I'm an over packer, always ready and has everything that she needs in her bag. I am proud of this, although, sometimes I overreact in some situations like whenever we go out and are going to sleep somewhere else, the clothes I bring are not for an overnight only, I pack at least two to three pairs of clothes. I got this personality from my mom, but unlike her, she's actually worse than me. She brings everything! And by everything I mean if it's legal to move your house from one place to another, she will do it. No joke. The reason I pack more is that I don't want to borrow things from other people, that's why I bring my own.

ii. When I'm determined to do something, I'll finish it right away! But most of the time I'm lazy so I barely get things done if it is for myself, but if it's for work, I'll finish it as long as I don't have to bring work to my home. Actually, my determination makes me feel useless already because I'm so eager to finish all the work that my current manager don't have anything else to do for me. Like earlier at the office, all day I did nothing but to wait for the manager to give me something to do but she didn't. I wasted my whole day, this is the most boring day for me so far.

iii. I can be easily induced. I actually hate myself for being easily wheedled by a lot of things, but most especially food! No one says no to food. I am proud of this personality because if I hold on to my pride, I will miss countless things or maybe opportunities (and numerous foods!) By the way, I may be easily enticed but I'm not gullible to believe something or anything that easy. I know if someone's lying to me or not and I know which story is to believe. So, don't be relieved that I actually believed your lies because I know the real thing. Hehe.

Notice how each personality also have their own downsides? Lol.

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