May 4, 2016

Day 4: Things that Make You Happy!

This day 4 challenge got me thinking deep of the things that do make me happy but I forgot that I'm a shallow-minded person (sometimes!) and circumstances like receiving personal notifications on my social medias, watching my favorite tv series before I go to sleep, or just chilling inside a cafe already make me feel delighted.

  • Not feeling groggy when waking up.
  • Completing my day's works and tasks.
  • Writing to-do lists on my planner.
  • New stationeries! Colored pens, you guys!
  • Unplanned road trips. 
  • Finally arriving at the destination after a long hour drive.
  • Theme park rides.
  • When my pimples are slowly shrinking. Hehe.
  • Someone leaving a comment on my blog.
  • Successfully putting on my contact lens.
  • Finishing a good book, it's cliche but it feels so damn good.
  • Finishing a whole season of a tv series.
  • Seeing Justin Baldoni does his flirting face whenever I watch Jane the Virgin. ;)
  • Email or text notifications from my bank, saying there's a money deposited in my account (and that is actually my allowance for the month hehe)
  • Approved notifications from those sites I'm signing up for.
  • Seeing my salary and knowing that the 8 hours of my every day that I spend to work makes it all worth it.
  • Dining at a restaurant or ordering foods for take-out.
  • Knowing someone is getting married, this literally brings tears to my eyes.
  • Catching up with some old friends and hearing gossips from them.
  • At this time of the year, I'm going to include air conditioner in this list just because....
I guess that's my list, I'm sure there's more but I'm a little short on ideas at this time. Anyway, I'd love to read/hear the things that make you happy. 

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