May 3, 2016

30-Day Blog Challenge | Day 3

I have tons of things going on in my head as I type this post and I actually don't know where to start. I also have a lot of things I want to do for the improvement of my blog but every time I open my laptop I'm just stuck staring at my blog, and those things I like to do are stuck in my head, too. So, I think the things that are currently in my mind are tasks and to-dos I jotted down on my planner but don't really have the intention to make them. Haha!

I'm just kidding, though.

  • Earlier at the office, I overheard a coworker of mine talking on the phone which I assumed with her son (because the name she's saying is Ian and he's living abroad). She was scolding him because he deactivated all his social medias account (because he's heart broken; again, which I only heard) and their family is having a hard time trying to contact him. They are all worried for Ian. I know, I'm good at eavesdropping, right? Anyway, what I learned from their one-hour conversation is that you can't live alone, there are people who are concern about you. It's normal if a day or two passed by without talking to them but you should reach out to them, and even if you only communicate with them through social medias, they'll know if something's bothering you or not. Especially, our parents, they know every single thing about us. 
  • My Aunt made a homemade cocoa drink and she used all my milk to mix it with! Now, I'm thinking of buying a new carton of milk.
  • My boyfriend asked me to edit his selfie for his new profile picture on his facebook, and now he's complaining because after five minutes no one is liking his pic. Well, there's already one like and that's me. I don't get it, though, he uses an iPhone 6 and I'm using an iPhone 5s but my selfies are way better than his. He's using his phone wrong.
  • My boyfriend set-up a CCTV in our house back in my hometown, now I can monitor what HE is doing even if we're apart for a while. Such a sweet stalker girlfriend.
  • I'm receiving consecutive friend requests on facebook this day. I don't know if someone's plugged my account or what. Most of those who adds me are guys, and I'm not sure where they are finding my facebook profile.
(Photo from Unsplash)

This blog challenge is originally created by Jazzy Jane 

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