May 2, 2016

30-Day Blog Challenge | Day 2

There's a huge difference between my personal and internet life. Actually, my selfies above says it all. In person, you'll think I'm the snobbiest  girl you'll ever encounter but on the internet, I'm the friendliest person you'll ever meet.

Whatever I do on the internet, I'd rather not bring it up in person. I find it easy to talk to other people through the net instead of talking to them in person. Even if you are one of my closest friends, I still find it awkward to have a conversation with you in person. Anyway, my humor and sarcasm stay with me in both of my personal and internet life. But you won't be experiencing these two personalities with me unless I let you go deeper into my dark thoughts. And once you get to know me, you'll barely see me frown BUT - (there's a but? lol) -  you'll always see me doing the resting bitch face because that's how I function my everyday facial expression.

I don't bring up major problems in either of my personal or internet life because no one's interested anyway to hear me or read my posts whining about some life issues. Another reason I rarely share the negative side of me over the internet is because I don't want to backread my profile and see how awful my thoughts can be. As much as possible, I'm trying to not influence my negative emotion to how I manage my social medias. I used to rant before and post downbeat hint statements on my twitter, I still do that, though, but I delete it afterwards when I finally feel okay.

When it comes to having friends, I only have a few people I trust personally, but on the internet, I seem like a person who's willing to trust strangers. 

This blog challenge is originally created by Jazzy Jane 

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  1. I'm now thinking of doing the 30 day challenge although I am not sure if I can accomplish it. For your day 2 though I get it. In most discussions we have at work we know that what is posted on social feeds is not a reflection of your true persona. Sometimes it is but for most not really because digital persona is a projected image of who you want to be seen as.