May 1, 2016

30-Day Blog Challenge | Day 1

I barely share anything too personal on the internet; heck, I don't even know how to share something - that is about myself - to anyone. I'm actually the type of person who'll surprise you regarding my likes, wants and needs and you wouldn't even think I have these personalities or attitude towards a person or a thing. So, let me start surprising you by these ten 'not-so-basic' things about me.

  1. I'm forgetful. Don't be fooled when I say 'I understand/got it.' to you when you're explaining something to me. I don't really know why I always forget something so easily, this actually makes me annoyed at myself. Additional to this is that I still use a planner. I know there are a lot of to-dos, reminders, and notes apps available in smartphones nowadays but I'd prefer owning a planner.
  2. I've always wanted to go to Med school, the first course I had in mind is to be a physical therapist, then a dentist. Anyway, I ended up with a Business course because I was too afraid to take a big step of following what I really love.
  3. After fantasizing about Med school and almost two years done with my business course, there was a time in my life where I thought about shifting a course, and that time it was Communication Arts. I also wanted to be a Journalist and Scriptwriter. Although I rarely watch the news, the reason of my fondness for these two before is because I desired to make a documentary.
  4. Speaking of the documentary, I'd rather watch tv series and documentaries, especially, those that talks about ancient times. This part about me is not new since I've already mentioned this a lot of times, you can even read it on my About page.
  5. I am a youtuber, a youtube viewer to be exact. Most of the videos I watch are about video games. Vanossgaming, H20 Delirious, and Pewdipie are the three on my top list of channels I view when I'm in the mood for some youtube. If only I have a decent working laptop I may have been a video gamer by now, but I don't, so I'm stuck with watching other people play them instead.
  6. Same with the simulation game, The Sims, I am obsessed with The Sims games. One of my goals in life is to save up for the latest compatible laptop I can use just for my Sims games. Yes, that's a goal! Haha!
  7. There's another thing - or food - I'm obsessed with, and that is Sampaloc (tamarind). I love love love love love love Sampaloc! I remember when I was young, I always buy packs and packs of sampalocs in the store near us. My relatives even teased me of being pregnant, but of course that is impossible because I was way too young that time. Maybe, now if I crave sampaloc again I'll consider that pregnant option? Haha! Jk.
  8. I prefer to eat with my hands than using spoon and fork because I like to feel the texture (and hotness) of the food I'm eating. Lol just kidding, but of course if there's a soup I'm required to use spoon, right?
  9. I'm not sensitive in terms of dining in a Carinderia(a small restaurant that serves house/local dishes) some of my friends are actually surprised when they learned I buy foods from there. Who wouldn't love carinderias? It's fast and cheap, just like fast foods but with local dishes being served.
  10. I have Traumatophobia, well, I only acquired that phobia recently. I used to hurt myself before (you know, being emo and all) by slashing my wrist. I don't know what  happened that I became afraid to hurt myself and see wounds on my body. 

This blog challenge is originally created by Jazzy Jane
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  1. The thing about taking on this 30-day challenge is that you are forced to write about personal things, which you may not be willing to share in the past. It's not a bad thing though because that is how your readers would be able to know who you are and connect with you.