April 16, 2016

New Member of the Family: "Ban ban"

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."

Hello, guys! I'm back again and this time, I'm going to blog about my new favorite companion, Ban ban.

It took me two months before blogging about our new dog. We got her last February, she was only 3 months then. You can see in the photos (the photos were taken on her first night with us) how tiny she was when we got her. Ban ban's a dachshund dog breed. Mom's the one who named her, she was named "ban ban" in short for bansot, or in english "small/tiny". To be honest, I don't really like small dogs. I'd rather have the big ones like a Labrador.

Speaking of Labrador, I did have a dog of this kind. I named him Max.It was so long ago, I remember I was still in grade school when my mom bought him for me. He died because of old age. But before Max, I had another dog. It was a mixed breed of an askal (local dog) and a Jack Russell Terrier. I named him "Waffle' because I craved a lot of Belgian waffles of Starbucks back then. It looks exactly like Manny Pacquiao's dog. I also got him when I was still in grade school. Both of them were not able to breed and both died because of old age.

I told myself before that if I'm going to have a dog, it better be a male because the female ones are going to have their menstruation and it'll be a mess! Well, that's what I thought. But I realized there's more advantage when you have a female dog. It means the puppies are yours, too! Lol. I also have this imagination when I won the lottery, that I'll make sure I have more than one dog; a pair for each breed actually. Haha! I was thinking of Siberian Husky, Bulldog, German Shepherd, either Doberman or Great Dane, Beagle and Chow Chow. Notice how I didn't say "if" on my statement about winning the lottery? That's because I'm going to win it for these dogs! I know it's a lot of work having a lot of dogs but hey, I'll be a millionaire that time and I'm going to hire a taker for each pair. Hahaha!

When Jeff was still working, and I still have my savings lol we talked about adopting a dog. I wanted a bulldog that time, but this type of dog is really pricey. And besides, I have Ban ban now. You should've seen how I reacted when Jeff opened my room door and placed Ban ban on the floor. I think I screamed so loud even our next door neighbors heard it.

How about you? Are you a dog or a cat person? Well, me? I'm both. Although I got to admit that I'm kind of a cat and by that I mean I have some attitudes of a cat. Haha! I would love to hear your pet story/ies. Comment below and let's talk. :)

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