April 19, 2016

Her Journal: I (And an Announcement)

Waking up, I was excited to go the corporation I'll have my OJT on. So excited that I even took a bath first before having my brunch… It was brunch because I woke up almost at noon. Like I said on The Sunday Currently post, I'm already in one of the North locations of the Philippines to do my OJT. Anyway, that means I'm no longer a blogger from the south, but of north instead haha! Excuse my joke.

I didn't stay for too long in the office, I barely made it 3 hours staying in there because the employees said they don't know what they'll make me do. Also, there were two customers who came & the acting branch manager asked me to make two coffees. I guess making coffees is really a part of OJT, huh? Anyway, it was the acting branch manager who was there because the real  branch manager was on leave and she'll be back on Wednesday, they told me to wait for the branch manager because they'll put me under her. Meaning, tomorrow is my last day of vacation and starting on Wednesday I'll be officially an intern.
Technically speaking it's already Tuesday today but I didn't have the time to blog this because I got home at midnight last night.

Even though I didn't complete my required hours in the office that day, I was surely tired because of the things I did. After my time at the office, I went to the mall to buy some of the grocery supplies I forgot to bring with me. Actually, I went to the same mall twice in one day. I had to go back because I forgot to buy a water jug and a container for me to bring already cooked foods every day. There's a canteen in front of the office but the acting branch manager advised me to never go and eat there on my lunch time because the canteen doesn't serve new foods. Their foods are only re-heated, and that's actually the only store serving food near the office so I have no choice but to make myself a meal every single day.

When I got home, my two Aunts invited me to come eat with them at a restaurant because they're lazy to cook dinner. We went to a Korean restaurant, and it is located somewhere in Quezon City. We got there past 9 pm and we finished eating at 11 pm. Going back home I can smell my hair like a barbecue so I was forced to take another bath just to wash the barbecue scent off my hair.

It may seem like I only did little but I'm already tired. How much more if I start waking up early and spend my 9 hours of my every day in the office? Then, I'll be exhausted! How about you? I would love to hear how'd your Monday  went :)  Let's talk below!

Earlier while my mind was idle, I had an idea of creating a blog link-up. It's called Saturday Sharing, I'm going to explain what's it all about this Saturday so please tuned in and I invite all of you to do it every Saturday. For now, here's the logo of the blog link-up.

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