April 29, 2016

Friday's 10 Happy Things | 03

It's Friday again so it means another 10 happy things! I like sharing my happy things, it makes me reminisce - lol it seems like it's so long ago when it only happened this week - the happenings in my life that are worth sharing about, even if it's the simplest thing you can imagine. Anyway, this will be my last entry for this blog series for now, though, because next month I'll participate in a 30-day blog challenge. I know I already said this on my Sunday currently post but there's no harm saying it again, right? Unless you feel annoyed now because I always mention things twice hehe. I apologize for that, it's just sometimes when I get excited I make sure I mention it not once, not twice but three times to emphasize to you guys that I am really happy. Haha!

  1. I started watching Grey's Anatomy series, I'm still on Season 1 but I think I can operate a human body now. Just Kidding!
  2. Jeff finally went to work with me, but for two days only this week because he needs to go back to Laguna.
  3. After work, last Tuesday, we went to a grocery to buy food ingredients for our dinner that night. Before going to the grocery I stopped by an ATM because I don't have any more bills with me and I won't have my allowance until today. My bank's ATM doesn't have any money that time so I had to switch to other ATMs and by that decision, I almost lost my card because that other ATM stopped! Good thing Jeff immediately raped the Cancel button and the machine released my card. Whew!
  4. That didn't end there, though, because when we got home the other half of our house's gate was open! All of us were out and no one was inside the house, and we're sure the gates are closed before we head out to the grocery. We all panicked, thinking we were robbed. But a big "THANK YOU GOD" were out when we find out that nothing went missing. 
  5. The same night, we had Crispy Pata for dinner and oh, my boyfriend cooked it. Grabe, putok batok night lol.
  6. The summer section (April & May) in my planner are usually blank, but since I started working it has more notes, to-dos, and reminders than when I was studying.
  7. Almost had an asthma attack, but good thing it didn't get any worse and I was able to go to work even for a half day. Sayang allowance, guys. Now, I understand why some people still go to work even if they're sick.
  8. I'm finally with my siblings again after two weeks of being apart. I really thought I won't be able to see them for a month and a half. Gosh, how I've missed them, especially my youngest sister.
  9. We'll travel to Pangasinan, which means consuming unlimited seafoods! Yay!
  10. I asked for an advance on my allowance because I won't be able to get them tomorrow, and now I'm holding the sweat and blood spent this week! Haha!
Friday’s 10 Happy Things is a blog link-up originally started by Helga where we list ten things that made us smile this week so that we can start the weekend on an even more positive note! Join the link-up and spread the word.

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  1. I loved reading this comment it made me smile. There should be more posts like these out there, because we can sure use some more positivity in the world right now. This Friday I will try to remember my happy things of this week. Oh and the whole raped the cancellation button thing made me laugh out loud.