April 22, 2016

Friday's 10 Happy Things | 02

It's Friday again, and usually, Fridays are my best days next to Saturday. However, since I already have a job and it's scheduled Monday to Saturday, my Fridays are not much of a fun day for me (although, for a month a half only). I don't have much to say because I'm kind of disappointed because of my domain name. I already purchased one and believe it or not, I only got it less than Php 60 (pesos)! I'm going to include in my this list how I was able to buy my own domain for my blog. Without further ado, here's my happy list...

  1. So wanna know how I got my own domain name for less than a hundred pesos? Promo Codes. I bought mine from GoDaddy.com. To be honest, I was excited and feeling a bit of a smart ass because I thought buying a domain name and connecting it to my current website are all I have to do just so I can set it up. But boy was I wrong; there are a lot of things to be done! I'm losing hope by the way. I really wanted to remove the 'blogspot' on my blog. Do you know how? Please teach me. I'm begging you *kneels on the floor* :(
  2. I officially started my OJT last Wednesday. Honestly speaking, I'm enjoying whatever the employees are telling me to do (ofc, work related!) but at the same time, I'm feeling bored because I'm just sitting there checking the accounts of their customers. And Although I go to the office 30 minutes before it opens, I still feel as if that time flies so fast. Why is it when you somehow like what you are doing time runs, but when you're in school it walks so slow?
  3. Since I started working, my body schedule changed too. I'm back to being a morning person, people! I thought it'll never happen but it did. lol. I think my mom would be proud of me when she learned I wake up 6am every day.
  4. If you read my old entries about my OJT, I already said that there are no decent food stores near the office I'm working in so I had this idea of making myself a meal every day for me to bring to work for my lunch time. And my Aunt insisted she makes it, and now I feel like I'm back in grade school having myself to bring a baon every day.
  5. My Grandma (mother's side & still alive) brought two huge baskets of mangoes. I actually bring one with me to work to eat when it's lunch time. It's mango season! My favorite season of the year. I'm not really into Christmas season especially now that I don't receive a lot of gifts like I did before when I was young. Haha!
  6. I already finished watching the first season of Jane The Virgin. I can't wait to watch the latest episodes of this show.
  7. So, tomorrow is Saturday and there are four things I'm looking forward to: First, I'll receive my allowance tomorrow! Yay! Now, I know what 'hard work really pays off' means. Hehe. Second,
  8. Again, it's a Saturday and the next day after that means rest. I'm longing to stay in bed for 12 hours since I started working and waking up early than my usual waking up schedule.
  9. Third, Jeff will finally be here with me and work with me. Honestly, we can't really separate physically. Wherever I am, he's there with me. Hahaha!
  10. Fourth, tomorrow I'll publish my very first Saturday Sharing blog link-up I made. Together with its purpose/page and my blog logo. But first, here's the logo of this blog series.

I invite all of you guys to do this too every Saturday. I hope you guys participate because I would like to read what you'll share on your Saturdays! I think that's about it, have a great weekend everyone. :)

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