April 15, 2016

Friday's 10 Happy Things | 01

Tears are prayers, too. They travel to God when we can't speak. - Psalms 56:8

     You might be wondering why this post is called happy things when the quote itself talks about tears. Well, this week has been a tough week. I'm not physically tired but I'm emotionally drained. I spent two days within this week crying and feeling useless because I feel like my life has no purpose. I can't do those things I'm required to do because of some circumstances in my life. However, I was able to turn everything around and almost all of it happened on a Friday! But of course, some happy things happened too before this day.

  1. I celebrated my Nanay's (grandma) birthday with my cousins whom I really miss so much. After months of not seeing, I was able to bond with them again. 
  2. I made a new blog feature on my blog which I called Letter Series and the first entry I made is for my Nanay. You can read it here.
  3. My best friend, Dhanica, was accepted in two companies for her OJT and both company wants and would absorb ( - when the company will automatically hire you as their full-time employee after your OJT or training with them) her. I'm so proud of my best friend! She deserves it! Now, her only problem is which company would she attend. Such a lucky, girl.
  4. I'm so glad Jeff downloaded the Play Box HD app on my iPad Mini. I'd rather watch tv series than movies and having this application lets me watch and binge watch all my favorite tv shows anytime and anywhere as long as there's wifi because I won't be able to watch anything if there's no wifi unless I download the file which will take a long time....
  5. I just finished some of the aired seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Am I the only one who's excited for Bernie and Howard's first child? *kilig*
  6. When I'm done with The Big Bang Theory, I watched 2 Broke Girls again and I think Max is my spirit animal. Lol.
  7. Jeff and I didn't get the chance to celebrate our 5 years and 4 months of being together on our monthsary date itself but this is still included in my happy list because the whole day he's just really sweet to me.
  8. Unplanned trip to Tagaytay with Jeff. And can I just share that both of us didn't even get a chance take a bath before going out the house because I know we'll just go to the bank and do some of my requirements for school but something happened and all my plans didn't go the way I planned it?
  9. Of course, if you're already in Tagaytay why miss their signature dish, Bulalo? Lol, not entirely a signature dish but when you heard about Tagaytay one of the first things that come to your mind is Bulalo, right? Don't even try to deny it.

Look how oily Jeff's hair is, you'll know he really had not taken a shower just by looking at his hair.

  10. We went to Sky Ranch after lunch and believe or not, it's actually my first time going there. The rides are unreasonable pricey but it's worth it since I get to experience it for the first time with the person I love. Hahahaha! See what I did right there? *winks*

I had a mixed up feeling this week but I'd like to focus on the little things that made me happy or laugh. It's the little things that make you somehow feel happy, although the burdens are heavier than the good ones, still, don't forget to appreciate the little things that made you smile. 

I'd like to know about your Friday's 10 Happy Things! Comment below and let's talk.

Friday’s 10 Happy Things is a blog link-up originally started by Helga where we list ten things that made us smile this week so that we can start the weekend on an even more positive note! Join the link-up and spread the word.


  1. Hello, I am pretty sure Max is my spirit animal too. She is too funny! Have a great day, Iga

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  2. Max is hilarious! I lover her, and think I got my humor from her. Hahaha. Have a great day, too! ☺️❤️