February 20, 2016

Switching to Blogger

(Photo credit to Lauren Mancke)
Who would've thought I'll be back in blogging? Blogging, as one of my favorite pastime before, has finally come back to my senses. After a long time of  being idle, I'm back but with a different platform.

I started using Tumblr since April 23, 2010. That time varieties of social media were staring to rise & made to use for public (& let's not forget about wifi!!). I already have Facebook & Twitter that time, but most of my friends were still not aware about Twitter. Browsing the internet had become my addiction & since I already have my very own laptop that time, I had no limitations. Like seriously, I can use the internet first thing in the morning even w/o washing my face or brushing my teeth. That's how my vision got blurry, thanks 2010 me!

I never knew that Tumblr was for blogging, well to be honest I don't have any ideas what was blogging that time. Reblogging  was what I did in my first months in using Tumblr, but after a year or two with Tumblr I decided to create my own posts. I discovered lifestyle bloggers & they became my inspiration to switch my Tumblr blog into a "real" blog from being only a "reblogging" blog. I've shared a lot of memories & made new internet friends. Tumblr is the reason why I got so clever in codes, html & etc., it's also the reason why I listen to my Computer subject when I was still in highschool. 

A time came that I didn't open my Tumblr due to busyness to school, a blog burn out & a lack of ideas on what to post. Although most of my free time I still visit blogs just in case my blogging sense comes back to me but unfortunately it didn't. I was on hiatus for months, I even lost my tumblr friends because of that.

After being addicted to Tumblr, I was on Wattpad making stories. I saw a famous wattpad writer using a blog named 'Weebly', and not long after that I made a 'weebly' account to put my stories there. I didn't realize that Weebly was a blogging site that time, but it exposed me on editing like how we customize blogspot now. But I didn't leave Tumblr, I was so loyal to Tumblr that I said to myself I wouldn't change to any other platforms even if it's hard to customize a Tumblr profile.

   Maybe the reason why I stayed w/ Tumblr is the reason why I'm leaving it.

Am I too emotional? Haha! I apologize, it's just that Tumblr has been with me through hard & happy times. I bond w/ my Tumblr almost one fourth of my life, I may had those breaks that I didn't use it but it helped me w/ my problems, well not literally though... Haha! But this time I need a (platform) change. I will not deactivate my tumblr, but my main blog will be this blog from now on.

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