February 29, 2016

Elevate Alabang | Kwentong Pag-ibig

Last Saturday, I attended a youth service because a friend of mine invited me to join them. To be honest, at first I thought it was a bible study but when my friend showed me the youth's facebook page & I watched & saw the videos they (the elevate alabang) uploaded I realized it's a fun activity. I also read the reviews on their Facebook page & it even made me feel more excited to attend the service.

Since February is the month of love, the theme of their service is all about love. They even have short clips that they present on their projector for the audience to watch & relate.

The service started exactly at 5pm. By the way, there are two services, the 3pm service & the 5pm service. I like how the organization starts exactly at the time they schedule their services & doesn't waste time. 
Kuya Dan, the person in the photo above, is our speaker. He told us that there's a tradition in an era (which I forgot) before that when a man asks a woman to marry him, the woman has to wait for him, & while waiting, she has to stay faithful, pure & avoid temptations. The man will have to leave her without telling when he'll be back. The woman doesn't have any idea when her fiance will be back, but she knows he will be back because of the ring given to her. The man can go back anytime, so the woman should be prepared always. Then when the time comes that the man is back & the woman stayed faithful for her groom, they'll be married & there'll be a parade going to the groom's home finally living with her wife. 
Kuya Dan compared God's love to us in a form of marriage. He shared to us that all of us, God's people, are already engaged with His son. We, the people, are the wives whilst our groom is our Lord Jesus Christ. Sooner or later Jesus will come back for us, and just like the woman in story, we have to stay pure & avoid temptations. God will send his son again to get us & finally be with Him in heaven. You may think that it's like the second coming of Jesus, but it really is... 
Do you remember how God sacrificed his only son for our sins to be washed away? All the sins even before Jesus lived & the sins that'll be made in the future generations are all weighted down in His spirit & are already forgiven the moment He said "It is finished." That sacrifice is what we call genuine love.

I've learned so much about God's love to us. The speech Kuya Dan gave left me speechless & wanting to know more about God. Attending the youth service is surely not a waste of time. It is something you can look forward to every Saturday. Admission is free & best of all everyone is welcome regardless of your religion!

You can go to Elevate Alabang's website & social medias to learn more about their organization.
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