February 23, 2016

Brand & Products Review | Sooper Beaute

It was after Christmas, while scrolling through my IG feed, I saw an account promoting Sooper Beaute for having an ongoing 70% discounts on selected items. I thought Sooper Beaute is a brand that only sells online, but they have kiosks or outlets in different locations. Where I bought the Sooper Beaute products you can see in the photo above was at SM North Edsa, and when I found out that the 70% discounts was still ongoing I was ecstatic to go to that mall & hoard their Lip & Cheek Therapy as my late Christmas gifts, I already gave them to my friends so I might not consider them in this review. However, the products 
in the image above were the products I bought to use for myself.

I've never done brand/products review before, this is actually my first time so please bear with me... Haha!!

Tomato Serum - The saleslady introduced & told me to try this because it's their new   product. I was hesitant to buy this at first because I'm still not aware of its use & benefits, but when the saleslady told me that this can be applied under makeup that's when I changed my mind.  Also, I was in search for a product like a moisturizer that I can wear under makeup so a big thanks to that saleslady who didn't forget to mention that!
When it comes to its application, I like its effect because my face becomes smooth & application of primer or BB cream after that becomes easy & it blends nicely. Another benefits of this product is that it maintains your skin moisture & prevents damages you can get from being under the sun.           
(above is the actual texture of the serum when you squeeze it out from its bottle)

Tinte BB Cream - This is available in Fair & Medium, what I have is Fair. What should I say about this product? Oh wait, I LOVE IT! I seldom use this BB cream but this product is my most favorite among the products that I've bought. I like how Sooper Beaute gave justice to its 'velvety finish' description because it really is! It's lightweight on the skin it feels like you're not wearing any BB cream, although once applied on the face it should be spread immediately because it sets on your face pretty fast. I also like how this product hide my blemishes.
Contouring Kit - This kit comes w/ a contouring cheat sheet, this is my first contouring product so I always use this whenever I need to outline my face haha! I'm not really a fan of contouring but I use this product's highlighting powder to highlight some areas of my face to look fresh even in my haggard days... I heard its original price ranges from P800-P850 (lol I'm not sure) but because of its insane discount I only got it for P200 + !!!!! 
Tinte Concealing Stick - This concealer is included in my everyday makeup routine. I don't have a picture of what the stick looks like (because I forgot sorry!) but this shade is in Fair, like the BB Cream this Concealing Stick also has two shades; fair & medium. I use this concealer to brighten my under eye area & to conceal the both ends of my eyebrows & lips.

So Matte Lip & Cheek Therapy in "Polaris" - I've hunt for a lipstick that I can use in school everyday, a lippie that looks natural on lips or something that's kinda nude & not that showy because red or bright lipsticks are so boring now. I like its sort of buttered candy scent. The product is a lip & cheek but so far I've only used it for my lips.
(Photo above is what the product looks like when applied to skin)
(Photos below is what the product looks like when applied to lips)

What I don't like about the So Matte Lip & Cheek Therapy is after wearing it for an hour or two I notice that my lips get dry (like always every time I use it!) even though I'm already wearing a lip balm under it. I think that's the only con for this product. As much as I like the shade I might not buy another one because of its effect.

So that's it about my review! I hope you enjoyed & somehow my review helped you to decide regarding these products from Sooper Beaute. For more offered products you can follow their instagram (@sooperbeaute) or like their facebook page.

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