February 29, 2016

Elevate Alabang | Kwentong Pag-ibig

Last Saturday, I attended a youth service because a friend of mine invited me to join them. To be honest, at first I thought it was a bible study but when my friend showed me the youth's facebook page & I watched & saw the videos they (the elevate alabang) uploaded I realized it's a fun activity. I also read the reviews on their Facebook page & it even made me feel more excited to attend the service.

February 23, 2016

Brand & Products Review | Sooper Beaute

It was after Christmas, while scrolling through my IG feed, I saw an account promoting Sooper Beaute for having an ongoing 70% discounts on selected items. I thought Sooper Beaute is a brand that only sells online, but they have kiosks or outlets in different locations. Where I bought the Sooper Beaute products you can see in the photo above was at SM North Edsa, and when I found out that the 70% discounts was still ongoing I was ecstatic to go to that mall & hoard their Lip & Cheek Therapy as my late Christmas gifts, I already gave them to my friends so I might not consider them in this review. However, the products 
in the image above were the products I bought to use for myself.

I've never done brand/products review before, this is actually my first time so please bear with me... Haha!!

February 20, 2016

Switching to Blogger

(Photo credit to Lauren Mancke)
Who would've thought I'll be back in blogging? Blogging, as one of my favorite pastime before, has finally come back to my senses. After a long time of  being idle, I'm back but with a different platform.

I started using Tumblr since April 23, 2010. That time varieties of social media were staring to rise & made to use for public (& let's not forget about wifi!!). I already have Facebook & Twitter that time, but most of my friends were still not aware about Twitter. Browsing the internet had become my addiction & since I already have my very own laptop that time, I had no limitations. Like seriously, I can use the internet first thing in the morning even w/o washing my face or brushing my teeth. That's how my vision got blurry, thanks 2010 me!